Swimming Through The Dawn

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Swimming Through the Dawn


No dream survives contact with life.

18-year-old Heather Moon is not your average wannabe idol. With a shimmering personality, powerful voice, and magnetic stage presence, her future seems bright. An unexpected liaison with a company executive, however, leaves those aspirations in shambles. Booted from a Korean agency that had long nurtured her talent, Heather returns to Los Angeles for college, but dreams of stardom seldom die easily.

Bolstered by a plucky band of misfits, she forms Made in Heaven, a seven-member girl group. While initial efforts seem promising, it's clear not everyone shares their vision. To make matters worse, Heather's father issues an ultimatum that will shape the rest of her life. Can she and her friends realize their ambitions before they're derailed once and for all by the pressures of impending adulthood?


Swimming Through the Dawn is packed with a variety of pop culture references. Immerse yourself in the world of the characters with this eclectic playlist.