The Novels


A Contemporary coming-of-age tale set in the vivid world of K-Pop.



Swimming Through The Dawn


Banished from an industry that had long nurtured her talents, an aspiring young singer forges her own destiny.



Morning Finds The Breeze


Can indie girl group Made in Heaven parlay a string of early successes into enduring pop music fame?



Debuting in 2022


Don't forget. The exciting finale to the Idol Pursuits Trilogy debuts in 2022.

What if chasing your dreams meant losing your soul?


 The Reviews Are In   


"Protagonist Heather Moon is an excellent heroine for the piece, vulnerable but tough and very easy to adore and root for."

 - K. C. Finn

"Anything related to K-pop is usually perceived as shallow but this story begs to differ. It has a classy and intellectual tone, tackles relevant social issues, and breaks stereotypes. The world-building is great and the imagery is fantastic. Mirroring today's sad reality, this coming-of-age debut novel is angsty, realistic, and relatable."

 - Risah Salazar

"A beautiful story for fans of music. The author passes a powerful message through this character: If you can’t fit, create your own path. That path becomes an inspiration for others. The writing is beautiful, with great prose and exciting dialogues. I was pulled in from the opening pages. It's a delightful read that feels like a movie; it is fast-paced, well-plotted, and features memorable characters."

 - Gobi Jane

"I'll certainly be recommending this to my friends! The tone and subject are so entertaining and fascinating, I have a hard time imagining who wouldn't like this story. It comes at a time of great interest in K-Pop, making its dive into the culture of idols and groups all the more intriguing. Rioux also confronts the issue of racism in the United States, though not in an overly complex way. The goal seemed to be simply to represent the truth while letting words and actions speak for themselves."

 - Shai Palmer

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