First in the Made in Heaven Series

"You have to experience the darkness for the dawn to come."

-Harrison Ford

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They rejected their most promising talent, and for what? Being honest?

That's how Grace felt when her confidant and fellow trainee was blacklisted from Seoul's 37-G Entertainment. But Heather Moon was no mere wannabe K-Pop singer. She had it, that irresistible combination of sex appeal and personality that everyone either wants to be or be with. Beneath Heather's shimmering veneer, however, lay a fragile ego. Shattered and demoralized by the rebuff, she spins into a bout of self-destruction. Grace knew something had to be done to save her friend, and quick. Thus her craziest plan yet was hatched. Together, they'd prove the industry wrong.

Removed to Los Angeles, and bolstered by a plucky band of misfits, they form Made in Heaven, a seven-member girl group. So what if everyone tells them it won't work? Freed from the restrictions of agency life, and aided by an ambitious student filmmaker, their initial efforts seem promising.

Soon, however, it becomes clear that the world is not ready for their vision. Lacking resources, every modest gain is a struggle. To make matters worse, their American audience has no idea what to make of indie K-Pop. Is it even possible to produce a hit song when the rent is due, relationships are failing, counseling is out of reach, and parents expect a 'real' job? Can Made in Heaven realize their dreams before they're derailed once and for all by the pressures of impending adulthood?

Swimming Through the Dawn begins the captivating adventure of a group of young-women who dare to dream big. Funny, smart, and emotionally resonant, it's a let's-start-a-band story for the K-Pop generation.

Don't miss out. As the legend of Made in Heaven grows, be a part of it from the beginning. Pick up your copy of Swimming Through the Dawn now.

The Reviews

R. P. Rioux's Swimming Through the Dawn is a story about dreaming big and believing you can. As the first installment in the Made in Heaven series, this book captures readers' attention early and keeps them hooked until the end. With all the spot-on references, it is evident that Rioux's knowledge about the Korean culture and the entertainment industry runs deep. Anything related to K-pop is usually perceived as shallow but this book begs to differ. It has a classy and intellectual tone, tackles relevant social issues, and breaks stereotypes. Aside from the sassy Asian protagonists, a few more races are present too, making the story diverse. The world-building is great and the imagery is fantastic. Mirroring today's sad reality, this coming-of-age debut novel is angsty, realistic, and relatable. Whether K-pop fans or just music lovers in general, readers will surely enjoy Swimming Through the Dawn.

                                                                                                                                                                        - Reviewed by Risah Salazar

Swimming Through the Dawn is a work of fiction in the interpersonal drama, contemporary and cross-cultural sub-genres, and was penned by author R. P. Rioux. Written for young adult reading audiences, the work does contain some moderate use of explicit language, reference to sexual situations, and one violent but non-graphic moment. The opening novel to the Made In Heaven series, we focus on the world of rising stars and K-Pop music in this delightful and charming novel. Protagonist Heather Moon sees her dreams fall apart after training for a debut that never comes, so when she returns to California, she sets out with some new friends to revive her dream and do it on her own terms.

Author R. P. Rioux brings a unique and exciting new genre of fiction to life in this enthralling story of chasing your dreams and staying true to who you are. Protagonist Heather Moon is an excellent heroine for the piece, vulnerable but tough and very easy to adore and root for. I really enjoyed the descriptive work put into St. Ignatius University and the cultures and people she meets there, and the commitment to all the new characters was great because it fully realizes the other bandmates as much as Heather herself. There were also a few more difficult moments of real, deep drama which I thought were highly effective to the plot. Overall, I would definitely recommend Swimming Through the Dawn for YA fans looking for something unique in the contemporary drama category.

                                                                                                                                                                                - Reviewed by K.C. Finn

Swimming Through the Dawn is the first entry in the Made in Heaven K-Pop series by R. P. Rioux and a beautiful story for fans of music. This is a story of what it takes to become a legend and Heather is a character that I liked from the very beginning. She follows her passion and there is every sign that this passion will help her. Her wit is strong and piercing and it is interesting to follow her intelligence and determination. The author passes a powerful message through this character: If you can’t fit, create your own path. That path becomes an inspiration for others. The writing is beautiful, with great prose and exciting dialogues. I was pulled in from the opening pages, especially when Heather encounters Chul and has an exciting conversation with him. I saw in her a woman with character, her strong wit and her worldview fascinating. Swimming Through the Dawn showcases the world of K-pop music and explores a culture that young adult readers will adore. Swimming Through the Dawn is a delightful read that feels like a movie; it is fast-paced, well-plotted, and features memorable characters.

                                                                                                                                                                              - Reviewed by Gobi Jane

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Swimming Through the Dawn is chock full of music and movie references. I've assembled a Youtube playlist so you can immerse yourself in the world of the characters. Some entries will no doubt be familiar, but I'm certain you'll find pleasant surprises along the way. Enjoy.

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